Thorpe Griner


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Land of the Lost

All is quiet at Turner Falls, near Davis Oklahoma.

Sand Dune Arch Entrance

The entrance to Sand Dune Arch in Arches National Park - Moab, UT. Copyright 2013 - Thorpeland Photography

Of Fire and Men

The Barracks

Exit Only

Little Lives

Piazza San Marco, Venice Italia

Bad Memories

Soon to be gone. Soon to be forgotten.

Enjoy the View

A Path Less Traveled

Seating for Two

Going Uptown

The Uptown Trolley station, just outside downtown Dallas Texas.

The Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge

The newly built span bridge just outside downtown Dallas, Texas.

Fire in the Skies

Lighting and walls of rain roll across the desert outside Page Arizona. With miles of visibility, you can watch storm fronts move in from far away. Just incredible to witness! I spent the past 7 days roaming the desert Southwest. This is just the first of many photos I captured during the 3300 mile road trip.

Exploring the Canyon

The narrow passageway of the Lower Antelope Canyon is a swirling sandstone labyrinth 50 feet below the desert surface. It's sensory overload and other-worldly all at once. One of the main reasons for my travel to this part of the country was to explore these slot canyons, and they didn't disappoint!

Monument Valley Highway

The famous view looking South into Monument Valley on highway 163. This is the highway Forrest Gump was running down in the movie. To stand there in person was a strange feeling. Id seen it in so many photos and other movies, it felt surreal to be there.

Sky and Earth

Standing on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon at sunset is a moving experience. You're not sure whether to stand there, staring in awe. Or start using the camera gear you hauled a 1000 miles. Either way it's a scene no photo can ever do justice. But I'll share the view I had on that evening, with this photo.